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  • Paddington Sunflower is the FIRST English language International nursery in New Belgrade. 
  • It is located in Belville, the residential complex with full amenities: playgrounds, medical center etc. It is beside the DELTA CITY mall and close to the office complex Airport City.
  • The nursery is also just a 5 minutes drive from the river Sava promenade.
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  • Paddington Sunflower is an international nursery where children from ages 1 to 7 learn on the combined basis of the MONTESSORI educational system and IPC (International Preschool Curriculum).
  • The main language in the nursery is English, with activities in Spanish as a secondary language.
  • Children from all the continents play and learn together in a comfortable environment, sharing activities such as reading, singing,doing creative arts and crafts, and different recreation activities.
  • Paddington Sunflower offers two modalities of enrollment: on a full day schedule (from 8h to 17.30h) or on a half day schedule (4h by choice).
  • The prices are competitive, schedules are flexible, the working methods and results are safe and sound. 
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